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Empowering students
through tailored education.


Empowering students
through tailored education.


Qualified and Certified English Education

Not only do our teachers hold degrees in English literature and language, they are also trained and certified educators.

Online Education

Using industry-standard project- and resource-management tools, our online classes help students quickly develop their English skills and achieve their long-term goals.

Experienced and Adaptable

Extensively experienced in teaching in both classroom and one-on-one settings, we adapt our instruction to meet each student’s unique needs, skill level, and learning goals.


Our Courses

Secondary and University English

Our classes on secondary and university English focus on not only helping students exit the English Language Learning (ELL) program but also developing skills in literary analysis, critical reading, writing essays and research papers, and creative writing.

English for Adults

Using real-life contexts, our English classes for adults help students learn useful, practical English so that they may engage in conversations with others and immerse themselves in life in North America.

University Application and Consultancy

From planning their personal profile to editing and proofreading collaboratively, we help students craft personalized strategies for approaching their post-secondary applications. We ensure our students present their best selves in their applications to gain admission into their dream schools.


Why Learn with Us


Years of Online Teaching Experience

Our institution has been providing online education for many years, constantly upgrading and innovating with the development of online technologies to push the boundaries of language education.


Hundreds of Learning Goals Achieved

From middle and high school students to university and adult learners, from Beijing and Taipei to Orlando and Toronto, students with different cultural backgrounds and learning goals can all find tailored, individualized learning experiences and guidance with us.


Education that Fosters a Global Perspective

We are always adapting to the development of English pedagogy, technology, and global values. As we expand our expertise on traditional English literature and language, we also embody the ever-changing nature of language and culture in our curriculum. Meanwhile, we keep ourselves updated with modern teaching techniques and other tools to ensure we prepare our students for the world. More importantly, our teachers strive to incorporate a holistic but critical global perspective into the learning experience as, ultimately, it is within the context of our global community that our students will be utilizing and developing their language skills.


University Admissions

Limited Openings

Contact us for your free 15-minute consultation so that we may get to know you and learn about your learning needs. Meanwhile, it’ll be an opportunity for you to meet your teacher and learn about our teaching styles as well.